Subway Styles

Posted on: August 20, 2018

Over 100 years ago, in 1904, the subway tile was placed on the walls of the very first New York City subway station. They were quickly recreated in homes around the world and we still see them today in the same 3”x6” rectangle that was placed on those walls. Subway tiles have proven to be a classic feature that we will see for many years to come.

Many companies today have put their own spin on the classic subway tile. When people think of these tiles today, they don’t always think of the typical 3”x6” size. Tiles as large as 8”x20” often come to mind. You can create a completely different look by how you install your subway tile. Spark your creativity with some of our photos of various installation options below.





Mixing up your colors

With a border/insert

With decor tiles

Have some fun and add a twist to this classic style in your home with tiles we have available at Flooring Solutions.