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Why Choose An Oiled Wood Floor?

Finish Difference A natural oil finish cannot be compared with today’s more popular acrylic, polyurethane, and aluminum oxide finishes. These finishes protect the floor by forming a wear layer, in effect, a plastic film on the surface of the floor. They scratch and get dull over time and cannot be spot repaired. A costly recoating of the entire floor is necessary every so often for complete rejuvenation. An oil finish penetrates the wood fibers to harden them while not altering […]

Maintaining Your Oiled Wood Floors

Natural oil finished floors have a very different appearance from traditional UV finished or polyurethane floors. Over time, as applications of oil and maintenance occur the floors will tend to look better as it ages and develops a rich patina. Natural oil floors are easy to maintain and will look great for a lifetime when maintained properly.  Renovation and care of oiled floors are very economical in comparison to other wood floors. Natural Properties Fading: All natural floors contain organic […]

Types of Carpet

Carpet is constructed in several different ways, and from a variety of fibers. Understanding the strengths and difference of each will help you make the right choices for your lifestyle and budget. Cut piles represent the largest market share for residential carpet but loop pile carpets, such as Berber, have been increasing in popularity over the past 10 years. Pile heights include longer plushes and short velvet piles. The deeper the pile, the more luxurious feel, but shorter piles tend […]

Comparing Carpet Fibers

All carpet fibers can be classified into one of two categories: natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Synthetic Fibers Synthetic materials are machine-made from various chemical compounds. There are four major types of synthetic fiber used in carpeting: nylon, polyester, polypropylene (olefin), and the newest synthetic carpet fiber, triexta (PTT). Natural Fibers Natural fibers are comprised of materials that grow in nature, and that are harvested and processed into fibers. There are many natural materials, but only several that are commonly […]

Looking After Your Investment: Carpet Care

Carpet cleaning will keep your carpet looking like new Carpet may be one of the easiest types of flooring to take care of. Learn how to keep yours looking great over time with a simple care and cleaning program: Preventive Carpet Maintenance – protect your investment before problems occur. Carpet Vacuuming Tips – prolong the life and beauty of your floor. Carpet Spot and Spill Removal – be prepared for the unavoidable. Overall Carpet Cleaning – get regular care with […]

Carpet Can Help You Breathe Easier

Allergens Some bio-pollutants, such as animal dander, house dust mites, and mold, have been linked to allergies and asthma, and many of these substances are commonly found in the average home. It is important to understand that the mere presence of allergens does not in itself pose a hazard. The allergen must be inhaled for exposure to occur, and in order for inhalation to occur, the allergen must be airborne. Carpet acts as a trap for allergens Carpet is capable […]

Save Energy

The warm comfort that carpet provides is not just your imagination. Unlike other types of flooring‚ carpet is a natural insulator‚ providing additional warmth in cold seasons.The use of carpet in a wall–to–wall application actually increases the R–value‚ or insulation level‚ of the carpet area‚ potentially saving homeowners like you utility costs while reducing energy use. The R value (thermal resistance) measures how much a material resists the movement of heat through a ceiling‚ wall or floor in a building. […]